edgefinder, collet or drill chick?

Lately Ive been lazy, and when I need to do something quick on a bridgeport,
i just throw my edgefinder in my drill chuck, pick up both sides and
split it.
I used to think it had to be running true, in a collet.
I know picking up center with one is deadly in a drill chuck, but what about
picking up an edge?
Do you think it would still be accurate in a drill chuck?
I do. Never tested it though.
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Should work just fine. Back when I was starting out in the trade one of the older guys took me for $20 because I thought the edge finder in a collet would pick up different then when put in a drill chuck with obvious run out.
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Damn, Vinny. Your memory must be shorter than my dick. Bottlbob did a whole set of experiments and tests and posted the results: the damn things don't have to be anywhere close to true. Will find the edge to the same degree of accuracy everytime.
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If run out is more than .200 total you need to use a wiggler instead.
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