fanuc oi mc control and pcmcia cards - help

We just put in a new CNC with a fanuc oi control.
Our last 5 machines have been cinci's and the control
is new to me. Currently, we have all our cinci's and
a slave computer on a network and I can download programs without leaving
the office.
The new machine uses a pcmcia card to tranfer programs.
We have also hooked up a computer with a com port
to talk with the control via the dnc program from fanuc.
The problem with the pcmcia card is the fact I will be wearing
a trail in the cement floor walking back and forth to the machine
with changes.
The problem with the computer is that unlike the cinci dnc program, there is
no terminal emulation that runs on
the control and I've got to go back and forth between keyboards to load
The internet option on the machine was unreasonable -- 4K
( on the cinci's it was less unreasonable - $500.)
I hve been told, however, there are wireless pcmcia cards.
( not the kind that get you on the web, but can talk wireless
to your computer)
I don't know much about this card.
Any comments, ideas ??
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Send and receive programs via your DNC program. You don't have to use the PCMCIA card exclusively, it is just one option. There is a parameter on the controller you will have to change is all.
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I would be amazed if your control did not have an RS232 port...use this to communicate with yor DNC program. Like brewer said..a simple parameter change is all that is needed.
I don't think that a wireless pcmia card will do you any good...a Fanuc is not a looks at the pcmia port like it would a dataserver...
would be way cool if the port would work that way tho...
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"jimz" wrote in news:u1JUj.2970$nW2.2376
Wire free CNC, not a wireless PCMCIA card per se but accomplishes the same thing. You can also put any or all you other machines on it.
Starts at about five hundred bucks. But you can also expand on it and do machine monitoring and a bunch of other stuff.
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D Murphy
If you are interested in loading programs at the CNC, then you are looking for a DNC system that will support Remote Request. Predator DNC is a popular package around here.
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This will enable you to load/save programs to a PC standing at the CNC. The PCMCIA slot is only for transfer of programs, you can't use a wireless card in that slot.
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