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Are the Haas service manuals that Haas repairmen use available for
Should a Haas Mini-Mill be capable of taking a .200 depth of cut with
a 3 flute 1/2" end mill without coming close to stalling out?
Should a Haas Mini-Mill have a better system for trapping chips so
they don't get into the coolant tank?
What is the price difference between a fully equipped Haas Mini-Mill
and say a VF-0
Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA
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Not sure, I would contact the haas store nearest you.. might be able to work something out. tho, anytime I've ever had a problem with our haas, they have been more than happy to help me out over the phone.
What type of material? What HP does the mini-mill have? what speeds and feeds are you using?
I've heard of ppl having problems with that.. I would just fabricate/rig up something to catch em. an extra screen or something.
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To the best of my knowledge, no, they tend to be rather protective of them, training is key for using them. HFO Anaheim has been very cooperative over the phone, they have some well trained folks over there that can walk you through almost anything.
I typically run .3 d.o.c. at .375 w.o.c.@ 65 ipm without too much trouble, full width at that bogs her down quite quickly. What s & f are you running? What coolant are you using? Is it 115 or 230 v?
Nature of the beast, low buck machine is good at what it does, some shops make different provisions for catching finer chips before they get a chance to get in tank.
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Prices are on their website.
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You sure are asking a lot of a $30,000 machine.
The old saying, "You get what you pay for....." certainly rings true here.
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I want the manual that their service guys use.
My bad. 6061 Aluminum. I'd have to check the spec for HP. Even if I do give you a number my understanding is Haas lies about HP. I take it there is no HP ANSI standard for rating CNC machines. I'm running 6000 RPM (max on this machine) and 45 IPM. At .200 dept of cut. It was a full width cut. Machine could barely handle it. You could hear and see it bog down badly.
Plastic is what really causes a problem.
Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
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I want the manual.
Had to run full width on this part and you're correct it bogged down quickly.
6000 RPM at 45 IPM.
Valenite. It rusts the machines. Apparently they changed the formula. I asked my boss to switch to Blaser Swiss Lube because I have had good luck with it. Also used Castrol when I was in Phoenix and that was excellent.
I'm almost positive it's 230V not 115V. It's not a home shop and it's well equipped.
Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
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I guess they don't make a VF-0 anymore. Couldn't find it listed on the Haas website. I did find a VF-1 that sells for approx 13,000 more.
Question 1:
How does someone doing small aluminum hog outs justify saving $13,000 for a machine with no balls whatsoever?
Question 2:
Why not buy a used FADAL, used Haas, etc. and get a real machine?
I hope you're not going to cut and run from these questions, as I'd like to understand the thought process of someone buying a Mini-Mill to do small aluminum hog outs.
Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
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Roughing cutters, or reducing doc and increasing f.r. How much time are you spending at full width? If your pocketing, are you spiralling into the pocket, thus reducing the time at fullwidth cutting? The mini is also sensitive to cutter life, that 3 flute may very well be dead. You may also drop the rpm to 5500 - 5600 and drop down into a better torque range.
My particular mini came to me via another shop giving up the ghost, my other machines all have gearboxes. The mini is actually perfect for small alum hogouts, cutting strategy is key.
on a side note And, my 1993 VF0 has a new Yasnac spindle drive in it, replacing the old Magnatek drive, I run a 1.500 dia 4 insert Ingersoll at 1000 rpm and 20 ipm, .150 DOC .750 WOC, all day long every day, couldn't do half that with the Magnatek!
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Maybe 20 seconds. Problem happens at about 6 seconds into full width cut.
It's a contour cut.
I've never worked in a better equipped shop. We don't resharpen end mills. We buy new end mills. We have lots of new end mills. The end mill I used was close to new.
I'll try that.
The other guys hate the machine and do everything they can to avoid using it.
I love Yasnac controls. Almost all the Matsuura's I've run have had Yasnac controls. The last one being an i80. Way better than Fanuc for editing. Not as good as the Haas control but still good.
Jon Banquer San Diego, CA
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Ahm just guessin here, but I think this is code for: Where can I physically locate said manuals so's I can steal them......
Plan 1:
Find another check-kiting Significant Other, who can drive a beater Saab or your new 1993 Beater Sierra -- iffin you've figgered out how to put dat junkyard dashboard in.
Pay a surprise visit to yer local Haas dealer. Now this is tricky, cuz you'll only have this one opportunity, cuz after their first taste of you, you'll never ever be able to come back. So you'll have to quickly assess where all these books and manuals are located.
Whilst you're pestering the the fuck out of the service people, have your S.O. create a diversion, by backing up said Beaters at about 30 mph into Haas' roll-down gate. If this is not possible, have him/her ram a bunch of vehicles in the parking lot -- anyone will believe a stuck gas pedal on yer beaters.
Done at all artfully and noisily, the Haas Liberry ought to be now empty and unattended, and you can fill dat burlap sack (that I'm sure the tech people were curious about) full up with manuals'n'shit, mebbe even a few tools, VOMs (fer learning electricity), etc.
Run out, with full burlap sack, all concerned about S.O's condition, and offer to whisk him/her off to a hospital.
Voila!! Mission Accomplished.
Let us all know how it goes.
But promise us -- and yer new S.O. -- that if he/she gets bustid and goes to jail, AND winds up taking the rap for you, that you will at least visit him/her in jail, and send him/her a few commisary $$ once in while.
Plan 2:
Invent a whole slew of problems for the Haas's at your current place of temporary employ, so that the poor tech will have to lug every known piece of literature with them to your current temporary job.
Have S.O. mug said tech on his way in.
Voila, Mission Accomplished, once again.
In fact, you could employ Plans 1 AND 2, iffin you wanted duplicate copies. You could even employ Plan 2 multiple times!
Warning: Muggings/armed robbery carry signficant more jail time than accessory/staged accidents. This will mean much more commisary money out of your pocket, over the years, as S.O. once again takes the rap for you.
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