How to keep things organized?

Stainless steel is getting pricey these days. I've had a habit of keeping small bits around because inevitably they become useful for another project, but it's a problem keeping it organized.

I'm thinking about trying a blueprint cabinet (wide, long, shallow drawers) for it. Very volume efficient.

Anyone have other novel strategies? Or do you throw all that stuff away?

thanks in advance,

K. Gringioni.

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Hardware store "nail bin" - like these revolving bins in McMasterCarr- (check pp 1468 @

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The drafting drawers are kool for lotsa things - but they don't take weight so well.....

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Stanley Vidmar or Lista cabinet, pick one at at auction or surplus sale. They are rated for over 400 lbs per drawer.

Yes, they are about $1500 -$2000 new but I have 6 of them (bought used) and the tooling and cutters in them are worth much more than the cabinets, it does make sense when you think about the value of what you have inside. Just use one or two drawers for small peices of stock.

Thank You, Randy

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