I ran across this web site, and at first glance appears pretty useful.
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Charlie Gary
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Good patriotic sentiment, on this site.
Just that, it's a little hard to be patriotic in a country that casts more votes for American Idol than it does for its presidents, or that supports a multibillion dollar TeleEvangelism industry, or where a Housewives of NYC marathon *and* reunion is allowed to exist. goodgawd....
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Proctologically Violated©®
Jerry Springer Flavor of Love Rock of love (something) Bus and all the spin offs
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Have you ever seen the movie "Idiocracy"?
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16% of voters voted for the new Mayor of Detroit.
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Former NBA great, Dave Bing?
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I'd like to see a site like
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did you know Motel 6 is owned by the French? Milwaukee power tools are owned by the Chinese? Mack Trucks = Volvo. I'm sure there's thousands more of what you think is an American company that is now Foreign owned.
Sawzall's are made in the USA, but I think that is the only Milwaukee tool that is.
Thank You, Randy
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