We have a GI20N Okuma grinder at work that got sick. Not a good thing to happen since are sales are up 70% over last month. In a few months we either need to perfect
hard turning to grinding specs or dump half a mil into another grinder.
Anyway I go out to the machine, read the manuals, start looking at the inductosyn and realize I don't know squat about those things. The other tech calls the regional support contact and gets told, oh that is your encoder, I bet my reputation on it.
Well, we get a motor/encoder driven up from Ohio that is 1) Wrong motor, 2) right encoder but not the solution.
In the mean time, I'm googling trying to get smarter.
That helped. Machine gets high order bits from encoder and uses low order bits from scale to close loops. Makes sense to me.
I ohm out slider head, one coil 2 ohms, the other one open.
Two pronged attack, get proceedure to turn off the inductosyn scale and run off of encoder. Second one get a new slider head.
Japan has the head, $1414 and not tomorrow. We are dying here.
The tech that works on this machine normally calls ruhle after I hand him a print out of the link above and they say, sure we got that, we might be able to get it out the door if you have a credit card. We are fortune < 500 we don't do credit cards but the product line manager on the spot did. (arrogance in finance, we are big, we demand to float our bills. Grist for another time).
Show up today, so sorry email about turning off the inductosyn, no email on tracking number, front office is at home enjoying another carefree weekend while the worker bees do saturday and sunday in the heat and humidity.
About half way into the shift, UPS shows up with the slider head. I'm working on a test cell, wave the tech over, quick check with DVM shows this head has to sensing coils like I expected. Install in machine, set air gap based in link, go to lunch. We will see if it works in 1/2 an hour. I ordered a taco salad from a local place and I'm hungry. The other tech wants a smoke.
Lunch was fine. Nice and cold in the lunch room.
Fixed a Burgmaster while the other tech had another smoke. Damn I'm glad I quit in 1986.
Fired up machine, got same feedback errors. Selected inductosysn output value, calibrate, write, power down, power up. Just a guess. We have a motion system!
30 millionths jitter but I have motion. Played wtih the APA offset values touching off on a ground part to re-establish a -1.875 x dimension. Okay fine. Close enough. Operator needs to do x diamond wheel touch off and a x part touch off. I head off to the assembly cells I am responisible for. I don't miss repairing CNCs every day, grime, chips, slime, ect but today and yesterday, it was one of those, management is throwing every tech at the problem things and I'm the swiss army knife at our facility.
As long as it keeps me on days, I'll be happy.
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