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Im italian. Rome....ruled the earth forever! Created the Catholic church with Peter as the first pope.
I'm also English. Owned half the world when I was a kid. Broke out Christianity with the crusated.
I am American. Technically, we run the planet. Kicked the whole worlds ass in ww2. Restructured the planet, and was the first country to back up Isreal as a state.
And the jews... GODS chosen people, honered just to back them up. I wish they would accept jesus, but the Jews are the chosen people....period.
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vincent puglia
you dillweed, theres a river in Italy called the puglia river. My great granparents owned Puglia olive oil company. All I know was I was born in Queens, went to school in brooklyn, if that aint Italian, than nothing is. The Godfather was a top 10 movie. One thing is for sure, I am vinny the guinny. As italian as it gets. And DAMN friggen proud of it!
Almost as proud to be American.
English...not so proud of that. But I am proud of this, Im related to Johnathan Edwards. he was the instigator of the great awakening.
We need him now!
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lol, yes, my name is vinny, but where my decendents are from in south america its vinchenzo.
And yes, in south america they do drink heavily. Its part of the culture.
Im from pennsylvania. 15 miles from 3 mile island. lol
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