on topic if you have kids and work like a machinist...

My kid comes home today with a paper that says in like 3000 words how we as
parents need to write our kids an encouraging letter for the fcat. to
motivate them.
ok, sounds harmless enough right?
There was also a printed out bordered stationary for you to write your
letter so it can hang on the kids classroom wall. I swear it's a secret
"deadbeat" parents test!
They are trying to find out who is responsible for the low scores since
teacher bonus's are now mapped to fcat scores at his school.
My problem with all this...I just friggen worked 62 hours, and put a
radiator in my truck. How the hell am I going to find the time for that dumb
shit. Parents compete like that, i see it all the time. Like selling candy
for the school. I am already competing with 300 billion china men? WTF? nOW
I am worried about thowing a ball with my kid a lot more than wasting my
time writing, FCAT SUX in 3000 words or more lol.
Take the kids on a field trip to a machine shop, they'll learn more in 5
minutes then studieng for any fcrap test for a whole year.
Seriously, ever bring a nine year old boy to a machine shop, wholly crap! he
called the wire machine a giant ds lite. lol
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Why? Teachers work for you, not the other way around. Perhaps you need to attend a school board meeting to explain that. Bring other parents with you.
Now since you are a machinist, I hope you have used that skill to impart to your crumb crunchers why understanding math, physics, and if a shop owner (or want to be one), sales and finance is a really good thing.
Of course making sure the kids do their home work and such is something you need to do. Might give you an idea of what your unionized closed shop state employees with tenure are shoving into your childrens heads. You might not like it.
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