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>>>If anyone has a 21i parameter manual handy can you give me the # for
>>>the Reference Counter Capacity for X and Z ? Thanks in advance >>
>> I don't know if it helps any but I found this online:
>>Parameter for Reference Counter Capacity:
>> Series 15 Parameter 1816
>> Series 16 Parameter 1821
>> Series 18 Parameter 1821
>> Power Mate D Parameter 1821
>> Power Mate E Parameter 0324
>> Is trying 1821 worth the risk?
>Thanks Cliff, I have the parameter manuals for those controls, and
>have ordered a set for a 21i. This customer has about 8- 21i controls
>and not one parameter manual. How they do that is beyond me.
IF you tried it .... did it work?
Next time someone might search the NG archives & find it (either
way) .
BTW, IMHO We ALL do a very poor job of posting BACK (after
problems asked about are solved) with the answers or what did
NOT work.
Doing so would make this NG a much more valuable resource
over time.
(Started new **on-topic** thread with this too )
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Very good point.
I think we take after our doctors a little, whose only followup is to the fukn hmo when they don't get paid. ---------------------------- Mr. P.V.'d formerly Droll Troll
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No I havnt, no control in front of me but I will find it in the am, when I go on the call.
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