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F'years, I been struggling with dat 3/8 allen wrench (ball end, of course) on 1/2 cap screws on vise jaws, which is really a pain when the screw is too long, or sticky (because some asshole couldn't align the soft jaw holes with the Kurt holes...).

Then I discovered ratchets. wow....

But here's a "trick".

They make allen/hex tips that fit on square drive ratchets, but I believe most of these are for 3/8 drive, and between the ratchet and the pop-on allen ditty, you got a few inches of req'd clearance, which means a lot of vise-handle cranking.

A handy-er version is this:

I chop-sawed off the end of an old 3/8 allen wrench, and then slip this into a 3/8 *1/4* drive socket, on a 1/4 ratchet. Chop it as short as possible, but not too short -- about 3/4" long, but do measure the various depths.

Very compact, more than enough torque for jaws, and some fixtures. You may want to jam the sawed-off allen into the socket with a piece of paper or sumpn.

You can of course do the same for low-head cap screws, which use a smaller allen.

I also keep a 3/8 drive ratchet handy, with a long extension and bigger sockets for hex heads on fixtures, and have the "real" 3/8 allen adapter to place on the extension when necessary.

They also make ratcheting box wrenches (costco/sam's have small sets, about $22), but I've also seen a *ratcheting open-end wrench*! Don't know where I saw these, but I believe they were not cheap. Proly more for auto mechanics in tight places, but I remember wishing I had one for the 4th axis or sumpn.

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Impact wrench...Burrrp...

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over a barrel

I use an inexpensive 1/2" drive air ratchet wrench with one socket to open & close vise.

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One 1/2" drive Socket - 3/8" Allen Hex Bit to remove & replace jaws

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Or you can get one of these plus the right bit.


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D Murphy

I always felt the front jaws should be threaded, so the bolts can go in from the back on a kurt. Saving the trouble of cranking it out to remove them. But maybe it wouldn't be worth it, since you'd be tapping the soft jaws as opposed to drilling and c-oring them?

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