which resume blaster is better for CNC Engineers

I've never used these 'resume rabbit' type services but even though
there's a rebound for programmers, tool designers, and manufacturing
engineers I'm finding mostly contract work only. This uptick over
the last 6 months is good, but most companies have not caught up with
the pay level and the fact that CNC people are in high demand, A lot
of them are still offering only substandard pay. I can't wait another
few months for them to come around specially since I don't really want
to go to CT or somewhere more tha1 days drive from Atlanta.
Which resume distribution service targets more people that are geared
to making stuff out of metal?
Anybody think this post would get more responses on CNCZone?
Are there any other groups/forums I don't know about that would help
me in my current situation?
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After a recommendation to search for "executive recruiter service" or "allexecutivejobs" I found several but none of the lists they will send you my resume to are show unless I sign up first. ceweekly is pretty good for 25 bucks but I'd still want to use a more massive approach because I'm trying to get out of this contracting cycle and get a perm job.
anybody hear of "professional-resume-services" or "resume rabbit"?
CNCZone didn't get any responses.
If anyone has ever used a RESUME DISTRIBUTION SERVICE to help them get a job I really need your help.
or if anyone wants some training I could really use the money. I have UG NX8 on my box and can use Skype to do anything from g-code to UG. It's amazing how well Skype helps..
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