Which is better?

My 'old' Dell PC currently has an ATI Rage128 video card. (PC is a

1.6Ghz P4 with I Gb RAM).

We have an NVIDIA Quadro FX 540 lying around and my question is would I benefit from putting the NVIDIA card in?

Any opinions invited.

I know I could just go ahead and try it but getting my PC out from where it is installed is a nightmare!!

Thanks in advance,


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Definitely the Quadro would be better. Almost any Quadro would be better. That's a very old video card you have in there.

The only problem is that the 540 (which I had never heard of - Leadtek is making Quadros!) is a PCI-Express card, and the Rage 128 is most likely AGP, maybe PCI. It simply won't fit in the system.

If you're needing to upgrade, and willing to spend a little money, find out what your motherboard can handle. Probably AGP 8x. Search eBay for Quadro FX500 or Quadro4 750 or higher. You'll have a big boost for not much cash.

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Dale Dunn

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