Missing Toolbox Icon

Just when I thought my new virgin WinXP install (no Internet) and SWks
2005 SP 4 was really stable, the Toolbox icon disappears. Tools/Addins
toggled off and back on does NOT do anything.
A quick search didn't reveal comments or suggestions about this, so I
am not sure if there is a quick solution to the issue.
Any quick answers?
Thanks - Bo
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Did you customize the toolbar and accidentally remove it? If toolbox works from the menus, then you could probably just add it back onto the toolbar.
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Dale Dunn
I had this problem when I updated from 2004 to 2005, I wasn't aware they moved the tab from the feature tree to the task pane. Has the icon disappeared from your task pane?
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That's what I get for not reading the summary materials on "What's New in 2005".
Now I have to understand how to get #6, 8, 10 & 12 socket head cap screws in there.
Thanks Much - Bo
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