WTH Servo Dynamics amp repairman, or WTB rebuilt SD amp

I have a milling machine that has blown three Servo Dynamics PWM SD3030 amplifiers. (Some people call this amp a SD3030-16, but the full name is SD1-3030-163-1. It is very similar to an amp called the SD3060.) Now that I have figured out the power problem that was causing these amps to blow, I am now looking to repair one of them - maybe two if the price is right. This amp drives the 6hp peak/4.3hp continous DC spindle motor on my mill.

If you have the knowledge and experience to repair these amps, please let me know (especially if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area). If you can recommend a repair shop that can fix this amp, or if you know of a shop that is selling rebuilt Servo Dynamic amps, I would appreciate knowing about that as well.

Since I have more than one of these amps, I think I can make it easier for someone to fix them by swapping out parts from one unit to the next. I am hoping to find a solution this week (the week of May30 - June 5) so I can get my machine running soon.

Thanks a lot for your input!

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There are quite a few businesses that repair and rebuild industrial electronics, but they're not cheap and I don't have any recent experience so can't make a recommendation.

I'm assuming these amps are obsolete. If so, have you considered replacing them with a current model? If you have brush type motors it should be dead simple. A bit more complicated if you have brushless motors and/or tach feedback to the amp. You could check with Copley or AMC to see if they're familiar with your amp and can make a recommendation on a replacement. I personally prefer dealing with Copley, but both are good.

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