basic control systems question

Hello all,
I am planning to start construction of a reprap robot sometime in the
near future. But I have a basics question for you. I use data loggers
all the time at work (I am a chemical researcher) does anything exist
that can do the reverse? That is, send out a set of voltages based on
an uploaded file. What the heck would you call something like that?
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DAC=digital to analog converter. In PLC speak it is called an analog output board.
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John Popelish
In lab-instrument speak it's called an "arbitrary wave generator", although most instruments with that name will have a way higher speed, way too few channels, and a way way higher price than you want.
I think you can get these that run off of USB these days (analog output modules, not arbitrary waveform generators).
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Tim Wescott
There may be some used HPIB stuff around cheap. With the right driver, they can be driven from a parallel port. I have an old HPIB card, but the 486 machine it's in died.
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Jerry Avins
Hello, You should try using servo systems for such an application. Analog cards (With PLC or PC) will have sluggish response. Where as Servo systems are designed to have good velocity and position control which is required for ROBOT. Prabir
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