Is PLC automation a good field to go into?

2003-08-12 19:25:06 PST
from: Cameron Dorrough (
The market leader would be Clipsal 'C-Bus'
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(it's really re-badged LONTalk with a fancy front-end,
> but don't tell anyone ;-)
As a matter of fact, C-Bus has nothing in common with LONTalk. C-Bus
more resembles EIB, but still differs from it significantly.
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Alex Kouznetsov
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Which version of C-Bus are you referring to? IIRC, the original version (not the current CBus2) used Echelon chips to get them to market - and was one reason the modules were so outlandishly expensive.
As far as similarities, let's see: Same network topology, same "OSI 7-layer protocol", same access method (CSMA/CD)... The only differences I see is that LONTalk is a bit more "sophisticated" (ie. several versions ahead). And why should Clipsal (a tiny player in the world market) invent their own system when everyone else is talking LONTalk or BACNet??
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Perhaps you know something different? Clipsal don't say much these days.. Even the salespeople don't really know how it works.
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Cameron Dorrough
What is IIRC? The original C-Bus and the current C-Bus2 are compatible to each other, while both are not compatible to LON.
C-Bus uses CSMA/CA (collision avoidance). It does not waste time on collisions.
Perhaps the reason was the same as for Siemens to invent EIB. BTW, LonWorks is a "peer-to-peer" bus; C-Bus is a "producer-consumer" bus. That makes C-Bus very efficient.
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Alex Kouznetsov
IIRC-If I Recall Correctly.
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