Operating graphic standards or guidelines

Hi, Is anyone aware of any public domain standards or guidelines for
creating DCS operating graphics? I'm after something that I can pass on to
students. TIA
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bruce varley
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Not a proper answer, but, in my experience all too often the suppliers give the P&ID's to a trainee to develop the graphics. And they get corresponding results. IMHO P&ID's should NOT be used as basis for graphics. And graphics designers should understand the process and operational requirements. Francis
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The Abnormal Situation Management Consortium produce quite comprehensive guidelines for operator graphics. Some of their material is available for download online, but their standards are only available to members of the consortium. Check out
formatting link
and e-mail one of the contacts and they will tell you what you can get.
Stewart Peake Honeywell Pacific Engineering Centre, Melbourne, Australia
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Stew Peake
There is an ISA Technicakl Report TR 77.60.04 which gives some general guidelines. The UK HSE are also working on a document with guidelines in HR factors for safety-related systems which will be interesting when it appears.
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Bruce Durdle

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