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I have been seeing post here and there about IT professionals and
software programmers wanting to learn more about the manufacturing
program language "ladder logic". The first advice is to get familiar
with the basic manufacturing environment and learn the software of the
most popular selling brand of PLC.
There is two days of plc training coming up Jan. 12-13, 2004 in
Atlanta Georgia.
This two day course will give IT and Programmers some insight into the
use of PLCs in the manufacturing environment while training on Allen
Bradley's (AB) RSLogix. RSLogix is AB's primary software for
monitoring and programming the AB PLC. The goal is to use RSLogix to
troubleshoot the PLC5 and SLC500.
It goes with out saying this PLC training course is ideally suited for
the manufacturing maintenance person.
Here is the link for more details ...
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Hope this helps
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You should find out what PLC's your company uses and then get to know them, the more training the better.
I just finished a PLC class in Denver, CO and I would highly recommend to anyone that wants to learn or brush up on their PLC programming knowledge to take a class or two from Rockwell or even the local college in their town. The instructors from Rockwell did an excellent job of presenting and teaching the material and did not "look down upon" or mock any students that asked very basic questions, even though it was an advanced programming course which we were in. My questions about very advanced programming were answered in such a way that the whole class could understand and apply the techniques. I WOULD RECOMMEND ANY TRAINING FOR PLC'S FROM ROCKWELL. My employer paid for the class, your employer may or may not, check with them. It is an excellent investment of their money to have you take some classes from Rockwell.
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You did not say what PLC manufacturer you are looking for. Try
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They are French company , one of the bigest PLC manufacturers. Regarda, Hot
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IT professionals need to stick with IT. At my plant over two years ago we have bought Wonderware Active Factory for the engineers to use. IT has still can't get it to PCs to access the historien through the router.
My inpression of IT is they love to have conferance calls and talk about IT but never accomplish anything.
D> I have been seeing post here and there about IT professionals and
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Will they explain why Allen-Bradley PLC's cost so much ?
Or how they want you to pay for tech support?
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Joe Dough

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