Workshop: Troubleshooting Allen Bradley PLC with RS Logix

It is a well known fact that most equipment reliability is directly
related to human intervention. Downtime, damage, and safety issues can
be avoided with proper Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Training.
Covers the 'how to', and covers safety, reliability, while providing
recommendations for standard operating procedures.
If you would like to learn how to reduce downtime thru PLC training, we
have a seminar January 18-20, 2006 in Saint Louis. (limited seating,
these fill up quick)
You will get hands on training using the lap top and RS Logix and you
pick the PLC5, or a SLC500 or a Micrologix PLC. You have the
opportunity to work up to writing your own small program on day 3.
Please see ...
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for St. Louis, MO.
seminar located in the state of art Microsoft Training facility.
See ...
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for information about our
Atlanta, GA. seminar at Stone Mountain facility.
Please note, these workshops are based on the same on-site training
delivered which has qualified under the Federal Program - Workforce
Investment Act of 1998 and most state reimbursement programs. We have
trained Fortune 500 companies and government organizations utilizing
this same course. This course qualifies for CEU and attendees receive a
certificate. Also a software simulation CD is provided so you can
practice what you learn.
Thank you for your consideration
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