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Can ne1 give me superheater mathematical model, as me and my friend facing some problem during modeling. I didn't find right info from the files/articles from the internet.

Please help. I am from EE background.

Thanks & regards srinivas

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I don't bother with anyone who expects me to decipher his question in order to answer it. It teaches me that typing is too much trouble.


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What are you taking about

  1. state the problem clearly - noone can read your mind

  1. Why didnt you find right models - what models were you looking for?

I assume EE background stands for excitable eejit

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There are many types and configurations of superheaters. If you are asking about the coil of pipe carrying steam from a boiler drum and being exposed to heat or hot gases in a boiler, the math model will depend upon many factors, such as the temperature and pressure of the steam and the temperature of the hot gases, whether the steam pipe is exposed to radiant head from the fire or just to hot gases, etc.

In general, the model would be based on the temperature increase in the steam (using the steam tables for the temperature changed for a particular enthalpy change. The enthalpy change would be based on the difference in temperature of the steam entering the superheater and the hot gas. (this is an approximation, like all models). The dynamics would a small dead time depending upon the travel time of the steam through the superheater.

So it all depends upon a number of factors. The expected temperature increase can be calculated by a boiler designer. The dynamics are not very significant compared to the other dynamics of the boiler, particularly the boiler drum.

I have had a part in the creation of boiler (with superheater) simulations. It all depends on the detailed design of the boiler.


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