Tool to Upload PLC code to GE Fanuc PLC 90/30


We use VersaPro to create PLC code and upload it to PLC CPU. Is there tool only doing upload? Because some of our service guys make changes, and that is not what we want. Thanks.


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Looks like problem is with you and some of your service guys! I've work both sides of this fence and they sometimes may need to make those changes, BUT should get approval to do so first, if they can at the time needed. This is a communication, documentation and training problem.

A good plan is to to have time-dated read only copies of both the running and previous programs as to be able to make SW fixes but be able to go back if changes do not workout with the test of time OR are temp fixes. In many places these are stored at both the machine and a safe secondary location(s). There is also PW protected SW to do this, ask an IT guy or SW developer.

One common example is when an I/O point dies, no spare card is currently in-house and they might need to move the point to a spare I/O in order to get production up and running NOW. This is a temp fix for the effect of a yet to be determined root cause problem that needs to be found.


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