Frustration with lack of ability to get Miller warranty repairs...

Just wondering if this is a widespread issue or if I'm expecting too much...

I knew I shouldn't have done this, but I purchased a Miller welder online after contacting the local Miller guys via Miller's website "Request a Quote/Availability" page. Several days later, they hadn't responded and I even received an automated email from Miller asking if I had received a response yet. So, I purchased the unit online. The day after ordering it, I finally received a response from the local guys.

Well, after less than 20 minutes of welding, the machine dies on me. There is only one Miller authorized dealer/service shop in town, and one more 45 miles away (both branches of the same business). The one in town says it will take at least a week to even look at it, and the one 45 miles out says at least 2 weeks. The place I purchased it from says I could pay shipping to return it, and after they determine the welder is faulty and covered under warranty, they will send a replacement, with a turn-around of about 2 weeks.

I know I should have bought it locally (although it would have been $300 more), and should have called rather than use the online quote/availability request (smaller town which is still sorta stuck in the dark ages), but what kind of warranty service is that?

I know the commercial customers who spend tens of thousands of dollars at the local store will get preference, but dang, I expected a little better service than "we'll get to it in a week or so."

I've never had to have a welder serviced under warranty before. Is it common to take so long? I can understand how they would place me as a low priority customer since I didn't purchase the welder from them, even though I buy consumables from them, but it doesn't make me feel any better knowing I will be without the welder for at least a week, and it just doesn't seem right to me since it is warranty work.

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