OT: Customer Service Horror Stories

Share 'em. Here's one from 2003 when I was an internet support rep for a major
US internet service provider.
Me: "Thank you for calling _______, my name is..."
User: "Fix my e-mail!"
Me: "Yessir, may I have your account num..."
User: "No, just fix my mail!"
Me: "Well... sir... to do that, I need to bring up your account..."
User: "You have all my account info right there, why do all you people think I
was born yesterday!"
Me: (sighing) "I don't sir, but to bring up your account I am required to verify..."
User: "I don't care what you are required to do, just fix my mail! Call whoever
you have to call, do whatever you have to do, just fix it! Before I go insane!"
Me: "What seems to be the problem sir?"
User: "The government has turned off my e-mail again and this is going to stop NOW!"
Me: "I'm sorry, did you say the government..."
User: "Don't mock me, dolt! Just like the last guy. Read my account notes!"
Me: "Excuse me? Look pal, I'm trying to help you here. One more insult like
that and I WILL terminate this call. Now do you want help or not?"
User: "Do I have a choice? Fine. As I've already explained in the last seventeen
million calls," (looking at his account history there is a long list of rude
calls, all escalated to supervisors), "The government has turned off my e-mail
yet again. I can't send or receive anything, it's so goddamn frustrating!
Eschelon-this, cypher-that! Why do they keep meddling in my MY private business!
All I want to do is send an email to my family..." (guy almost starts sobbing)
Me: "Well I can definately understand your dilemma... and we should be able to
fix this. Can we start some troubleshoot..."
User: "Oh no you don't! I'm not spending four more hours on the phone when the
problem isn't me! You're gonna have to call Washington, I'm telling you its the
gov... nevermind, just give me your supervisor!"
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