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I have some aluminum wire that the electric company left on the ground. So I ran it to the garage for a 220 line. It's in conduit under ground. Once in the basement it is not. I have a splice in the basement using #4 bullet connectors. Just like a smaller crimp connector you might use in auto's, only larger. I used a hammer type crimp tool so the crimp is good. The connectors are just puny compared to the power company's connectors. After reading about some dangers of aluminum I'm wondering if what I've done is safe. Thanks, Pete.

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Peter Fry
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Exposed wiring of any sort is a no-no. Also, there are special considerations for splicing aluminum conductors, such as connector type, using oxide inhibitors, and the two dissimilar metals cannot be in direct contact with each other. There is also the issue of conductor fill in the conduit, and wether or not the wire is a jacketed assembly, and insulation type,just to name a few considerations. Sounds like a rather dubious undertaking to me.

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Long Ranger

The splice should be in a box. You can get listed split bolt connectors for al/cu connections. They have an interposer between the aluminum and copper side. They also have barrel and set screw connectors, listed al/cu.

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There is nothing wrong with AL wire. Competent installers use it every day with out any problems.

As for "hammer" type crimp tool, I have never seen one. I use compression tools and the splices and terminations are never a problem.

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