ASI "Class Act" SPA Pack Diagrams?

I'm planning to repair a friend's spa but because it has been tinkered with
already I'm going to need to check out the internal wiring in the control
pack to assure myself that I'm leaving it in safe condition. The pack is an
ASI "Class Act" manufactured in 1999 and I cannot find diagrams or even the
address and contact information for the manufacturer. Anybody have an idea
how I might contact them? They seem to hide themselves VERY well and even
though I'm usually pretty good at researching such things I've come up with
nothing so far.
I'm especially interested in how the pressure interlock is supposed to
be wired. The wires from that have been pulled off. I know that I'm going to
have to replace the heating element because one terminal has burned/corroded
off as well as the wire that was connected there. The heating element is
in that it has the proper resistance and is not shorted to ground but there
just no way to connect to it to support 6kW.
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John McGaw
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