Best USB storage device with voice recorder?

I have been using a small Olympus digital voice recorder. It plugs in
as a USB device with 512 KB memory. See the spec below. It all works
beautifully but is far too expensive.
I want to get a cheaper small voice recorder.
I don't want to pay for the Olympus brand!
What models do might you recommend that are small, sensitive to sounds
and have 256 KB or 512 KB memory which can work as USB device? Price is
important. Doesn't matter if it replays music or not.
----------------- OLYMPUS SPECIFICATION -----------------
This is the spec: Weight including battery is 46g (1.62 oz).
Stores audio as WMA files. Approx 17 to 34 hours mono recording.
Size is:
94.8 x 38.2 x 11mm
3.73" x 1.50" x 0.43"
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You might check out
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for a selection of cheaper ones.
Luck; Ken
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Ken Maltby
I bought an obsolete Pocket PC about a year ago (HP Jornada 540) for about $45 plus shipping on eBay. The thing came with a good battery, external keyboard, USB interface, a whole bunch of stuff.
The sound quality when recording was very good.
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