Voice activated switch

I am hoping that someone could help in finding voice activation switch IC.

I did find one or two very old references to a Motorola MC2830P, but have a feeling that it is discontinued as I was unable to find any information on the Motorola site.

I have found a few circuits on the web, but was hoping someone here might have used something that they would recommend.

It only needs to be momentary, and some sort of gain adjustment or background filtering would be valuable.

any leads?

thanks andy

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I might have also mentioned that I would like to use it with a standard PC mic or one of those mics on a headset for hands free telephone calls.


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Voice Extreme Tool Kit will do the job nicely. Can make the switch be speaker dependent or not. Continuous listen or not. With the tool kit you can program and test a module then move it to the project board. Additional modules are reasonably priced.

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