Big UPS question

We are currently in the middle of replacing a 900kVA, 20+ year old, Emerson
UPS system here on site. My question to the experts is which brand of UPS
would you recommend of the big 4 - Mitsu, MGE, Powerware, Liebert. We would
be looking at not only replacing existing but upgrading to a 1500kW system.
We have a minor debate going on here about which to use, but could use some
input from the field.
Erik Dienberg
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Erik Dienberg
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All are decent. Check the specs from the 900 and I will bet you will find that it switches. The 1.5 may not which is better in my mind. Less things to go wrong. Verify your wattage and how long you need it to run. See who has service close to you and then choose. It always helps to talk to the guys working on the units. Call their service lines and ask questions about the model you have chosen.
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All of the UPS brands you mentioned are of similar quality. As the last poster mentioned, service should be a major concern. Also, as trivial as it sounds, you would be surprised at how many times that cabinet size was not taken into consideration. Nothing worse then the crew showing up too install the system and we can't get it through the door! It can end up being a major expense.
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Mr. Sandman
Have you considered using a Flywheel UPS? With flywheel replacing the expensive/bulky/failure-prone batteries, much higher reliability and lower cost of ownership over the 20+ year lifetime of the UPS can be achieved. Pillar, Hitec, Active Power & Acumentrics are some of the flywheel UPS makers. Unless you can live with only 5 to 10 minute battery runtime, you will need to include an emergency engine generator (most likely a diesel generator at the 1000 KVA + size) and therefore, 20 to 30 second ride-through of flywheel can replace battery bank.
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Nam Paik
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I've used all four brands on systems 50 - 600 KVA. It is not an apple to apple comparison. I like certain things here and there.
My criteria of evaluation:
- Product reliability / history - Tech Support response time. - Factory trained Tech Support - Cost
PS: I hate to see you battery room, why not flywheel. I saw an installation by Pillar (Germany) where the only batteries present were those for the Diesel generator(s) starter(s).
I wouldn't upgrade 20+ yr UPS. I would buy a new N+1 configuration for the 1500 KW system.
Feel free to email me any further question you may have
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