Defusing of IEEE 1547: Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources

The IEEE 1547 standard on DERs has some major flaws such as tight
underfrequency disconnection settings at 59.3 Hz (99% f_set).
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there is an overfrequency disconnetion threshold at 60.5 Hz.
In Germany, a similar problem occured (the so called 50.2 Hz problem).
The answer was to implement a droop like power reduction begining with
50.2 Hz. +200 mHz were chosen because that's the normal bandwith for
primary control (frequency response of generators: P(f)). When the
"normal" Hz range is left, then at more than +200 Hz deviation *all*
units begin to work in emergy mode.
My question is where this "usual" frequency band is in the US - that is
the frequency bandwith within frequency response of generators is
available +- 200 mHz, +- 250 mHz or 300 mHz?
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Gunnar Kaestle
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