difference between automotive and speaker wire?

Hi Is there a difference between 16ga automotive wire and 16ga speaker wire? I want to put lights on my homebuilt trailer and I have a 1000 ft of

16ga speaker wire taking up shelf space. Would it be safe to use? Thanks Walt remove SPAM to email
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I suppose some grades of "automotive" wire would be resistant to fuels, oils, de-icing chemicals, heat and such. If your wire is not subject to this and too much flexing, it could work, however, without knowing the load, i can't say if 16 Ga. wire is heavy enough. John

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It depends on whay kind of speaker wire. If its typical indoor home stereo type in extreme environment heat/colds the insulation may crack.... UV may breakdown insulation. It will probably work ok for the short term. 14 ga wire would be mechanically more robust.

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