Difference between BB & MN

Battle of Britain and Merchant Navy that is . . .

I know the MN is supposed to be about two feet longer than the lightweight Bulleids, but where does the difference occur? E.g. in the boiler length, firebox, etc?

My reason for asking is, I have a MN top and a BB chassis and want to marry the two together to make a complete BB. We are talking Rebuilt style here, but I suppose the answer would relate to the 'spam can' style also.


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John Rampling
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To make a rebuilt BB would require quite a bit of surgery, as the differences occur in all sections, rather than just a longer boiler. the best solution is to get a drawing of both, and work out carefully where you would need to make the cuts. Bear in mind that the Rebuilts had walshaerts valve gear, rather than the Bulleid original which was quite different in appearance, so you would also need to do considerable work to the chassis.

My advice would be to wait a couple of months for Hornby's own rebuilt Light Pacifics to come out.

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John Ruddy

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