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Can anyone assist in identifying the location of this 1930s shot of LNER (former GNR) 'Atlantic 4-4-2 No 4411?

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The presence of an engine shed alongside the platform should be a clue, but I've not been able to identify this as a Great Northern section installation.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks, John.

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John Turner
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My guess would be Hitchin, I've seen either the same photo of one very similar before [1], the low wall, four tracks and shadows all fit - Hitchin had a shed on the 'south east' side of the station, along side the down platform (centre roads were up and down main).

[1] IIRC John you once said that you have a set of the (much lamented...) Railway Reflections magazines, I think there were photos of 'Hitchin' in one of the modelling supplements, if not in the main magazine it's self.


PS, any more photos of that ilk?... :~))

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"Jerry" wrote

Hitchin has been confirmed from another source and a date prior to 12/7/36 has been established - the shed is recorded elsewhere as having a freshly painted new roof on that date.

Plenty more images of that era, including at least one more of a GNR 'Atlantic' at Kings Cross, all made by the late Alan Whitehead, many of whose negatives I've recently been fortunate to acquire.


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John Turner

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