Digital and Analog Communication Systems by Leon Couch

Anybody by any chance has solved problems from this book? If so, I would
need help with 7-38, 7-39, 7-40, 7-45, 7-49.
Any help on any of these problems would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.
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You expect someone to go buy the book just to be able to help you?
Why not state the problems you want help with, rather than assuming anyone here actually owns a copy of the book.
-- Floyd L. Davidson Ukpeagvik (Barrow, Alaska)
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Floyd L. Davidson
Sorry I was looking to see if someone owned the book. Any how, these are two of the problems that do not refer to figures in the book.
1. If linear modulation systems are to be compared on an equal peak power basis (all have equal peak signal values), show that: A. SSB has a (S/N)out that is 3 dB better than DSB. B. SSB has a (S/N)out that is 9 dB better than AM.
2. A baseband signal m(t) that has a Gaussian (amplitude) distribution frequency modulates a transmitter. Assume that the modulation has a zero-mean value and a peak value of Vp = 4*(sigma). The FM signal is transmitted over an additive white Gaussian noise channel. Let Beta = 3 and B = 15KHz. Find (S/N)out/(S/N)baseband when: A. No deemphasis is used. B. 75-u sec deemphasis is used.
Thank You
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