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I think this would be the right group to ask this question, if not can you direct me to a more appropriate group?

We have an Invisible fence for our dog. As you probably know when the dog gets close to the underground wire surrounding our yard the dog will hear a beeping sound to warn them not to cross a certain line....if it does it will be shocked from the collar it's wearing.

Is it possible to make a hand held transmitter that will enable us to click a button to trigger a beeping sound and then possible to shock the dog when training the dog using the existing collar.

You can buy seperate training collars to do this but I would like to use the same collar that is used with our invisible fence to double as a training collar.

Can it be done? How?


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It can be done. Learn electronics and set up shop or spend money. No trick at all.


-- Fermez le Bush

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Salmon Egg

it probably cannot be done legally if you are in the USA, depending on the distance to the electric fence. you could only expect the same range (or less) than a garage door opener.

there are other types of pet training devices that use a transmitter and no underground wires. when the pet leaves the coverage area the collar activates. this transmitter could be controlled by hard wire or remotely.

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