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My host here at Trivandrum (capital of Kerala State, called Gods own country, India - yes the place is really glorious) runs a small factory and wants to produce earthing kits.

He says the galvanized iron pieces that are normally used in this wet and hot climate get rusted in no time and become poor conductors. Copper too gets thick greenish coatings with the same effect.

My host is actually doing small things using stainless steel and needs to know how he can about making stainless steel earthing kits that will last longer than the steel and copper ones - different types according to usage.

Google search has thrown dome information on grounding but not much of help in tnis instance :-(

Does anyone already manufacture stainless steel earthing products Stateside or Europe?

Any leads, links welcome.

Frankly I myself am not of much help. Though I dabble in electronics occasionally it is more a hobby. But I am a regular here as well as SED and I have seen post earlier on earthing and thought I can get help here.

Many thanks for your time and help.

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The above link shows plenty of makers of stainless steel grounding rods.

Below are some more taken from that Google search...

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"In a grounding system, the ground electrode provides the physical connection to the earth and is the instrument used to dissipate current into it. There are two main types of electrodes.

"Natural" electrodes are intrinsic to the facility and include metal underground water pipe, the metal frame of the building (if effectively grounded), and reinforcing bar in concrete foundations.

"Made" electrodes are installed specifically to improve the performance of the grounding system and include wire meshes, metallic plates, buried copper conductor and rods or pipe driven into the ground.

The ground rod is the most widely used grounding electrode. ERICO is the world's largest manufacturer of ground rods and offers a complete line of rods and accessories to meet the needs of every user. Features

# Type 304 solid stainless steel # Service life up to 40 years # For use in highly corrosive soils # Pointed and sectional rods available # Contact ERICO for other sizes Applications

The ERITECH range of stainless steel ground rods includes pointed and sectional rods."

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""ACE" stainless steel ground rods are used to overcome many of the problems caused by galvanic corrosion which can take place between dissimilar metals buried in close proximity. Other advantages of stainless steel rod are that they are highly resistant to corrosion and are much more anodic than copper.

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Thanks for the information, Mike, it was quite useful.

Thanks again for your time,


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