Electric invisible dog fence

This may be an inappropriate post, but, does anyone know how to locate a break in an invisible dog fence??

Thank you!

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Can you give us more details on the invisible fence? (Until then: Observe the dogs. *g* )

Best regards,


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Maximilian Becker

He can't.

They're invisible.



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Derek ^

Take the dog collar in your hand and walk along the fence (Zap. Yeow!).

The installers probably have a receiver for diagnosing fence problems.

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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

I googled, "broken invisible fence wire" and found on guy's post how to narrow down the space where the break is.

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Tom The Great

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A neighbor's Lab would just run full speed through the "fence", take his hit, and continue on. Of course he'd never come home because he dodn't want to get zapped again.

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Keith Williams

wire 120 VAC to each end of the buried wire. look for the spot where the worms don't come out of the ground.

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