Excerpt on Improving Wafer Fab Yield

I have permission from Lattice Press to distribute an excerpt from the extraordinary new book, "Microchip Manufacturing," by Stanley Wolf, Ph.D. This book is an illuminated guide to ULSI process engineering, including such vital subjects as wafer fabrication, thin films, silicon crystal growth, lithography, etching, testing, packaging, contamination and safety.

Stanley Wolf is an internationally-recognized expert in silicon processing. A professor of electronic engineering at California State University Long Beach for ten years, Dr. Wolf also taught seminars in integrated circuit fabrication at UC Berkeley Engineering Extension for over 20 years. He is the author of the seminal series, "Silicon Processing for the VLSI Era, Volumes 1-4." Dr. Wolf continues to teach on-site seminars on contemporary issues in semiconductor manufacture.

The excerpt I have permission to distribute is called "Wafer Fab Operations and Yield," and discusses such vital subjects as wafer transport, improving efficiency, yield management, laying-out and staffing wafer fabs. The excerpt is rendered as a PDF file that is 5.6 megs. To get the excerpt, simply send mailto: snipped-for-privacy@bellsouth.net with the subject line "Send Wafer Fab" and I will reply with a clean PDF file attachment and *only* the file no opt-in mailing list jive or marketing spam.

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