Extech DMMs -- not a serious tool

Extech DMMs have a "power-saving" feature that powers off the meter after 15
minutes. That's 15 minutes after turning it on, not 15 minutes after last
measurement. It beeps a minute before shutting down, but if you're in the
middle of a circuit with probes in hand, it's not fun to watch the display go
On some of their meters this feature can be disabled, but then you're too
often staring at a dead battery.
And for aging eyes, these meters have what looks like an infinitesimal
decimal point (compared, for example, to a Fluke DMM display).
And Fluke's meters power off after X minutes of lack of use since *last
, and have a large, clear display.
My advice: stay away from Extech DMMs. I do have an Extech IR thermometer and
anemometer which work fine. But for a mainstay tool like the DMM, it's
strictly relegated to the back of the tool box now.
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John E.
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Why don't you forward that to Extech, they might improve their next model line. Mike
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Is that the same on *all* ranges? i.e. volts, current, ohms, and continuity etc I've found some meters reset the timer fine on say volts but don't do it on some other ranges.
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David L. Jones
You get what you pay for.
Most inexpensive DMMs have shortcomings, that's why so many people stick to Fluke, Tek, HP, and other name brands. I use my DMM more than any other test equipment I own, so it was worth it to buy a good one. I have a few cheaper meters I use for various specific tasks, but the daily driver is a Fluke.
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James Sweet
"James Sweet"
** Same goes for me.
Bought a nice looking auto-ranging 3.5 digit DMM once that was obviously a copy of a Fluke - soon found out what its Achilles' heel was - measuring high DC voltages !!!
Whenever the probe tips were touched onto a DC source of more than 350 volts, the display reading froze at zero !!!!
This is both very annoying and extremely DANGEROUS !!
Seems the tiny spark that jumps onto the tip about to make contact causes a glitch inside the meter big enough to require a re-set operation.
Fluke once recalled a whole bunch of their 70 series meters for the same issue, but my Fluke 70 mk II never had the problem at all.
.... Phil
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Phil Allison
I agree, John. I used to work as an engineering lab tech, and discouraged the purchase of the extech DMM's for similar reasons - We had one, and I simply felt that it was not appropriate for "professional" use. I instead sought out an excellent deal on the Fluke 87-V, and we were all thoroughly impressed by that meter.
Coincidentally, I am very happy with my extech 380193 LCR meter. It cost only $155 from amazon.com, brand new, and does an excellent job for the price. I am not sure that I could match its capabilities with any other new piece of equipment for that price.
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