HELP: water leakage sensor

I have bought a home alarm system that has window/door sensors. This
sensor has a circuit that alarms the system when the internal reed
switch goes from closed to open. Which means someone opened a door (the
sensor goes next to a magnet, when the magnet goes far, the reed switch
If it goes from open to closed nothing happens.
I have an urgent need that is transforming the window/door sensor in a
water leakage sensor. Before finding how the window/door worked, I
thought of connecting two wires to the contacts of the reed bulb: when
the water would close the circuit, the sensor would alarm, since I
thought it would check for a change of status.
But, like I said, the sensor works only if goes to close to open.
When I tested my "water leakage sensor", infact, I put these wires in
the water and nothing happened. But as soon as I took them out, it
alarmed the sensor!
What I need is the simpliest way to "invert" the status of the sensor
so when the water closes the circuit, it alarms.
Or something that, when the circuit is closed by the water, it sends a
close then open to the sensor. Or goes closed>open>closed
In a few words, if the water closes the circuit, it should open the
circuit instead of closing it.
What the SIMPLIEST way to do it?
Thank you very much!!!
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I have not worked with Alarm panels in a long time but the MOOSE ones I worked with had both NO and NC contacts. One works when closed one works when open. Change to the other contact point in the panel.
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Wire it like SQLit mentioned. If your panel does not have both NO and NC, wire your water sensor to operate a relay when it detects water, and wire the operating and normally closed points of the relay to your reed switch.
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