Load Center Capacity Terminology ?

A bit confused over terminology used for a typical interior
residential Load Center.
e.g., when it says the Breaker capacity is 12-1" - 20-1/2", does that
as an extreme, you can have the box filled up with nothing but 1/2"
breakers, 20 of them ?
Box in question is a GE TM1212 CCU 125 amp. main breaker
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Without looking up the panel spec - 20 - 1/2" breakers are 10 - 1" spaces. There should be 2 - 1" spaces left. You should be able to install 20 - 1/2" and 2 - 1" breakers. There should be 2 positions where only 1" breakers can be installed (enforcing a max of 20 - 1/2").
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