Looking for generic measurement api / industry leader

Hi, I'm a solo developer working on a shareware time series database
server and application suite. My database server basically is it's
own high speed engine for dealing with time series data. With it,
users capture measurements and associated meta data, and they can do
various analysises and charts with them.
The problem I have is getting data into it.
I obviously need to implement a database import utility or screen, but
I would, down the road, like to be able to tie into industry leading
measurement systems, so I can offer a shrink wrapped solution - if
someone has XYZ hardware, out of the box they have full bore analytics
and predictive alarming.
Whose the industry leader(s) in this space? Are we talking about
Honeywell and ABB? Zigbee seems like it might be cool too, whose the
best at that? Does such a generic measurement API exist, or would I
have to interface on a measuring unit by measuring unit basis? Is OLE
for Process Control alive or dead?
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Todd Bandrowsky
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Take a look :-)
National Instruments at
formatting link
Advantech at
formatting link
Data Translation at
formatting link

And don't get alarmed if you see your intended application there :-)
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Gerard Bok

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