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I am looking for a copy of Sony's Memory Stick Specifications to make a starage device. I want to be able to read and write to a Memory Stick Pro Duo card. Sony has a

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site and they want you to pay over $5000.00 for a one year membership. I just want to use it for hobby reasons and not to make any licensed hardware. Does ANYONE have a copy of the memory stick spec? Please let me know. Thanks, Wade

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My guess is that there is a pretty strict NDA attached to that membership, so current members are not likely to give you the information you want.

Does it have to be a Sony memory stick? If you use a USB stick, the protocols and specs are widely available. You could look at the source code of the various USB drivers in the Linux kernel for a start.

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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

I'm interested in finding or creating support for PRO Duo sticks in linux (Ubuntu especially). Have you had any luck? I'd be up for helping if it comes down to writing the driver ourselves.

You can tag me at freeshell (dot) org if you want to follow up. Or on the Ubuntu forums:

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- cid

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