Hitting Physical Memory Peak when loading assembly

xtop crashes when hitting physical memory limit of 2 GBytes.
We tried the /3GB option in the boot.ini file, but it does not work.
Any suggestions?
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Jacques Lamer
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That's the ceiling in 32-bit land, physical + virtual.
If I'm not mistaken that switch only works with the server edition of Windows.
There are some things you can try to do to lower your memory usage:
Shrinkwrap Zones Simplified Reps
Some of these may require Advanced Assembly.
If you still can't sink below the 2GB limit then you need new hardware. Something that supports 64-bit pointers (HP/SUN/SGI/IBM), which isn't likely to be cheap.
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Another step is required to have Pro/E access more memory. The following is an excerpt from
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outlines the steps to increase the per-process memory limit for XP, but it applies to W2K as well. I'm assuming that you've rebooted after adding the /3GB to the boot.ini file.
**** Excerpt from TPI 111330.htm **** Perform a local Pro/ENGINEER installation of Release 2001, datecode 2001360 or later. Make sure you create a backup copy of //obj/xtop.exe before patching so you can restore normal operation should the file become unusable.
3. Patch //obj/xtop.exe using IMAGECFG.
As of Release 2001, build 2001440 or later of Pro/ENGINEER, IMAGECFG can be found in: //obj directory. Imagecfg is also available in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit. For example, to modify the target file xtop.exe:
Imagecfg -l xtop.exe
At this point, the process is complete. Pro/ENGINEER should be able to access more than 2GB of memory. **** End Excerpt ****
Let us know your results!
Robert DiMarzio
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Robert DiMarzio
This only works on certain builds of 2000. I think its the one with the server extensions, but I'm not too sure. We had exactly the same problem and tried the fix but to no avail.
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TPI 111330.htm Works. I get Windows XP boxes to access up to 3GB of total memory all the time.
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