Physical Simulation

Does anyone have any experience running Physical Simulation in SolidWorks? What kind of things do you use it for? Is there anything it is particularly good at? I have a few examples of simple rube goldberg devices using PS, but I wanted to get a wider range of ideas.



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I have done a few...

Camera Iris and related gears (checked for clearance issues)

Vending Machine Vending (and related mechanics) (used gravity to see if vend path worked)

Moving Billboard (4 sided billboard, not the traditional 3 sided - complex part motion on cam)

Laser Scanner Actuator and related Optical Path(s)

Various other Gear Boxes and Motor (Motion) control Systems (link arm play and clearance)

I like to see looseness and play, as well as gravity of parts falling, etc. Also forces an certain parts based on the lever arms and such... some of these simulations still have problems - mostly computational speed.


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