Human Femur Modal analysis using ANSYS program

Hello my name is Hani

my thesis is about to calculate natural ferquencies and modal shape to the Human Femur using ANSYS program ver.10. i had completed the meshing process. after meshing the femur size was

206 Mb mega byte . when i start in solution stage and when i complet the boundry condition for my problem , and when i give solve order and in any way of solution ways like Block lanzos , Supspace, ....or REDUCED METHOD. after about one or two mint i get Fatal error message in ansys : this modal requires more scratch space thanavailable, currently 244887881 w0rds(934mb) ansys was not able to locate more nmemory to proceed please shut down the applications that my be running or icreas the virtual memory on your system and rerun ansys.problem terminated .

Knowing that my computer Ram 2048 mb , and i am also had added large size from my hard to be as Ram .

please any imprtant tips i will be grateful THanks to all those like to help humans Special thank to Mr. Dave Parker for his last helping

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How many DOF do you have? You need just enough to capture the highest mode shape you can expect.

Use a hex mesh to reduce the DOF of the model (my personal favorite).

Search the newsgroup for 3GB switch.

Check the ANSYS documentation for allocation of file space for large jobs.

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