NEW Minicircuits ZKL-1R5 RF MICROWAVE AMPLIFIER(s) 0.01-1.5GHz. $50 on Ebay (LOT of TEN)

Minicircuits ZKL-1R5 RF MICROWAVE AMPLIFIER(s) 0.01-1.5GHz. High-end Amps, MedPower +18.7dBm, Low Noise 3dB, 40dB gain. NEW - in
original Minicircuits/antistatic packaging (never used). LOT of TEN (but if you need singles, message & I'll see what can be done). Location: NewYork, USA. Ships to: Worldwide
Posted on Ebay, item# 330371507322 - goto & enter 330371507322 into search. "BuyNow" OPTION is AVAILABLE - NO need to wait for Auction ending. Contact via Ebay (best) or Email. By Email, can hit "Reply" in Newsgroups but REMOVE "NOSPAM" in capital letters repeated in my address twice (edit address manually) & then I can respond from a real
address/name. Do NOT reply on Newsgroups (I posted here, but will NOT read), and if I get much spam that address will be DISABLED, so you'd have to message via Ebay only. My Ebay feedback is 100% positive, not to mention 14 YEARS of Newsgroups trading without complains; also Ebay is better for your own security but if you've no Ebay account - email. Again, description is on Ebay but a few facts are copied here (for convenience):
    TECHNICAL SPECS: A COMPLETE PDF is POSTED at>enter "ZKL-1R5" into search-->datasheet; so I only copied a few specs. Finally, check price Minicircuits is asking - almost $150/unit, we're asking
$50/unit - same new/sealed units but @33% cost- reason to sell is explained below. wideband, 10MHz to 1.500 GHz IP3 +31 dBm typ. Low Noise 3 dB typ. (not bad for a MedPower amp, rather than dedicated LNA) Gain, 40 dB typ., Flatness 1.2dB VSWR IN 1.4, OUT 1.6 P1dB Compression Point +15dB min, however charts indicate 17.6 to 18.7dBm Connectors - SMA (50 Ohm impedance), gold-plated. DCpower +12V nom @115mA max, but will take a range of 9-13V or wider. More data, plots, etc. are in a datasheet (PDF) downloadable from manufacturer's website. Example of applications: communication systems e.g. cellular, satellite distribution, GSM/ISM; Radars, we're using them in a Middle- Stage Ampplifier block in an MRI (magentic) scientific instrument. MORE PHOTOS are at EXTERNAL SERVER as I CANNOT POST on EBAY for free beyond 1st free photo; at: ----> select Gallery named "Minicircuits ZKL-1R5".
------Reason to sell: Our RF Engineer has changed Product design in which this amplifier was previously used (a scientific instrument); so not all purchased lots of ZKL-1R5 could be finished before new design "kicked in". In the new design, ZKL-1R5 overloads the newly redesigned next amplifying stage (which became more sensitive) & we don't know a clean way to attenuate ZKL-1R5's gain (38-40dB!), lowering powersupply is not a solution & not enough. So instead we switched to using ZFL-500 amps with lower gain & narrower bandwidth (0.5Ghz, in fact all we need is 0.2GHz, not even 0.5GHz). As you imagine Minicircuit's policy is not to take them back, so forced to sell a 10-unit lot (but already stocked up on 60 ZFL-500's).
I, in fact, come from a competing RF company (not to be mentioned) so not interested in promoting Minicircuits, but this is one of their better models; as far as I know it's using Gallium/Indium PHEMPTs or something to that effect and how they make it that cheap ($150 original, we ask $50) is a challenge.. It's a pity at the new company where I moved onto in 2008, which is USING RF Amps rather than designing them in the first place, we cannot use it due to excessive gain, also don't need $150+ highend amps anyway for our simple application under 200MHz. P.S. Again, more photos are at that site - pictures are better than a lengthy verbal descritpion.
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