NiMH batteries?

So I was at Frys today, and I was looking at the NiMH rechargable
batteries. I invested in a couple sets of NiMH batteries a while ago,
when I got a digital camera. I have a couple sets of the 2300 mAh AA
batteries. I noticed that they have 2500 mAh AA batteries now. But
then I noticed that they had some 2500 mAh D batteries as well. Now it
occured to me that since they are both the same voltage, 1.2v, but the D
size are obviously bigger, shouldn't the NiMH D batteries have been more
than 2500 mAh, which is what the AA ones were?
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Anthony Guzzi
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Even in the NiCd battery days, D cells often had the same "innards" as a C cell but with a "sleeve" to make them D-size (although I did once have some 4000mAH NiCd D cells). Now it seems that the NiMH D cells often have the same "innards" as an AA cell.
Perhaps higher-capacity NiMH D cells do exist, but Fry's doesn't carry them.
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Percival P. Cassidy
I think that some companies used falsies to keep the weight and price down. This was particularly true of some GE NiCds. That also enabled them to sell chargers that could charge the C and D cells at the proper rate without fancy electronics. Military C and D cells were much heavier. The falsie cells did not seem to have the same ability to stand abuse NiCds were supposed to have. The military versions could be abused and still be able to take a charge.
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Anthony Guzzi schrieb:
looking into a list from a shop, I find D cells with 3000, 5000 mAh or 8000 and even 9000 mAh.
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