No more Power Providers!

----------- Sorry- the above statement is also meaningless- I don't think that you intend that but communication in English is not your forte. Communication in Spanish is not mine. Put it this way. Resonance does not provide power amplification- Power is what it is all about. Secondly any "amplifier has an net input energy greater than the output energy- Power amplification in which the power output is greater than the input requires an additional source of input - what is usually called the power supply. If I misread you - so be it. I will not bother putting my money into a translation as a good bottle of wine is a better investment. If you have a good idea - then it is worth a good translation- it is up to you. As far as the lone equation that I saw (I have already forgotten the site) - it proves nothing. Can I understand science and electrical engineering- Yes. Can I understand conservation of energy- yes. Do I believe you- no. Leave it there- my criticism is really quite gentle compared to what you would get at any IEEE or other engineering or scientific conference.
You mention Tesla- his main accomplishments were the induction machine and 3 phase- these he should be respectfully remembered for- the rest is unimportant and a result of his deteriorateing mental state.
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Don Kelly
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1) Your English is horrendous. Post in your native language if you can't grasp the English language. At least those of us that can speak your language would be able to understand what the hell you are saying. 2) Let's see your equations. You can effectively end this poor excuse for a repartee with a little math. 3) One would assume that a technology such as the one you are pushing (your link to an "intro in english" leads me to nothing more than an online I question that you're even pushing a technology) would make more headlines rather than being stuck in an online discussion group.
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Mr. Tim, regards, I see you follow confused, PICO volts are the signal input level for the receiver ELF for detecting 7 Hz pulses form ionosphere, now is obvious that in the start of the system picovolts received will be amplified until mili-volts for the resonance reflecting pulse, a voyager wave 100 Km across decrease his field intensity speedly, you know circuits of radar?, input signal v/s output signal? Power emition,DC input power,EFFICIENCY,LINE LOSSES,ANTENNA GAIN TO GET ERP, etc.. you see in the documentation of my web syte together to photos schemes, etc....., or you wait in this group I developped all the theory and practique?, imposible here don´t can attach photos, schemes, fórmulas, etc...., or don´t have a translator? You Know 30 KV/cm is the rupture electric filed for the dry air in normal conditions?, of course this magnitude varies but the idea is the disruptive discharge between radiator and antena plate, you don´t need a sophistiqued medition system if you see the discharge you are in the correct intensity of electric field You don´t explain the measured electric field intensity for TV transmitters of hight power broadcast is very few posible becomes to 30 KV/cm because you see lights, discharges and an horrible interference for the transient pulses for that proposit is send a legible signal of TV Lenght of the radiator in the parabolic dish, diametter of the dish, focal point you see that and more in the documentation of my web site, but that´s not critical. Yes my antenna has electromagnetic vibrations, there is electrons and are oscillating to 7 Hz I don´t calculated Ionosphere Energy total because is irrelevant you see at the Central Power design, they calculate the needeed power for the water caudal in his zone bot don´t calculate all the hidraulic energy of all the earth, I calculate the system for get my needeed power, you know Ionosphere energy is ilimited? it gets charged particles of the sun and is so great energy that it´s discharged in climatic phenomena, electrics storms, tornados, etc,... if you see the earth form the space you see lighting of electric storms constant Stationery state is the opposed to "transient", a motor when starts his speed and current demanded varies until a equilibred point, the time for that is about the 6 seconds. There is not power factor in the radiator do you remenber in latest post the antena for the EMP is resistive?, have power factor an antenna sintonized and with a coaxial wire correct? You was there when Tesla was BankRupt? what year was? who writtes that? do you know? If you don´t BELIEVE newsgroup post that´s a religion viewpoint in science you must use the scientific method for auto-demostrate any, in that case you must "see" or build this systems and don´t wait I or another people demostrate to you this working systems. Dreams, invents are previous inspirations, are not elements of science but are in humans,this is the "Think and then I make it or that". The scientific method and experimental facts, photos and squemes and my working systems are the final result and if you want see that please come to my contry or build the systems About translations you can list bad words and his correct use?, sample: Download = Decreased....... so the quality of the post will be better
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Hello Mr Kelly gladed for you presence, well if you think the English or my English is not adecuate for posting with you or other then you must translate the documentation of my web site is so single, my proposit is not perform a long discussion for this theme only show the link of my web site and interested go for download the material free and translate, now you know USA English is so different England English, Yes=Yeah?....but if you see to Mr. Tim, he understand very I writte is only your viewpoint However for that limitation you understand some and I some and can try answer your questions. Resonance you writte don´t provide power amplification but don´t demonstrate it, and don´t refers if it´s mechanical or electrical or nuclear or MRA, let´s see with real facts, mechanical, you know the destruction of the bridge Tacoma Narrows en Puget Sound, Washington (EEUU),for 1940, that´s a certified case of power resonance amplification, the low wind vibrations becoming in resonance with the natural frecuency of the bridge and the oscillation was increased slow until be incontrolable and finish with the destruction of the bridge it was filmed, here you see how the internal energy of the structure of the bridge is liberated and amplification begins, do you know the systems for stone destruction in minery enterprises? a mechanical vibrator brakes a big stone with low energy, Tesla made the same with a tower the box used with little batterys and ALL the structure moves, you must express equations of vibrations and amplification, now days MRA says you amplify energy and power by resonance of the matter, the energy almacened in the matter is getted, the source input for the resonant amplifier is the matter or energy almacened. If you don´t want translate let other people make it. I don´t have a good idea, I have a system build and working. There is a contradiction, you don´t want translate you don´t accept my English but you offers translate my web site, of course but there is not any want see that. the web sites are one in Spanish and another introductory in english:
formatting link
formatting link
You say "understand" science, engineering, electricity.., but you have "comprention" of that themes, or say the best your degree, are student, engineer, scientific?... An equation proves the consistence of an argument the esence of a phenomena is not a final prove but says very, Newton equations (mechanical, gravitation) we now know are not valid but in our clasic world remains valids and show all the phenomena, nobody in science accept arguments whithout models, equations, schemes, etc.... Big Bang theory don´t alives so Do you BELIEVE I don´t understand this themes, that´s very fun, the BELIEVE OR NOT is for a religion GROUP,you must try in that´s group, now when you denied any question you must show a solid argument, the YES or NOT for any question must be in solid fundamentation, we the Electric engineeers understand very more you imagine there is a certified degree you must confirm. IEEE or engineers conferences don´t need I have build my systems and soon go for the market if that groups invite me I go if not I don´t is irrelevant Tesla is not remembered for induction machinne or 3 phase you see any book of electricity? do you was in a electric machinne class basics?, never say his name for the asyncronic machine or 3 phase circuits courses, only for the physic induction magnitude (B) you see his name, who has the deteriorateing mental state?. What´s the rest is not important?, get free power energy is not important?, there is not energy crisis for there?, is not important a car o aircraft get free power in any place? You are more reasonable and regars for you letters
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If my english is horrendous you don´t must understant it but I see you understand, now if you see Mr. Tim he understand very I writte, now if I writte in spanish nothing goes understand and it´s more bad but if you have a latin friend want post here i make it. poor excuse? of what? I see you excuse is my english because you don´t have arguments solid now, lamentably in science equation are a starting point then becomes experimental results you will see in my web site. Oh! you are invented a new technology for add more lines to the news group, I congratulate but is more fact that you posted messages be cleaned of this group because don´t apport for the theme, moderators are seeing this, please be more reasonable. Thanks.
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PICO volts are the signal input
this is stupid, unless you are using amps cooled in liqued nitrogen that is below the noise figure of most reciever front ends.
now is
what is the power source of this amplifier?
voyager? like on Star Trek?
RADAR uses much higher frequencies then 7 HZ
what do tranmitter peramiters have to do with recieving powwer from the ionisphere?
you see in the documentation of my web syte together to photos
im not looking at a web site. im talking to you here. and you are not answering my questions
or you wait in this group I developped all the theory
theory or hypothisis?
, of course this magnitude varies but the idea is the disruptive
cool. i love to watch jacobs ladders
yes, alexander scott runs into this problem when he beams people down during an ion storm. it disrupts thier molicules.
im glad to hear it... if i attach a coat hanger to a 12 foot parabolic dish aimed at satcom 5R (AMC8) how well will that work?
what is the frequency stability? can you FM modulate it?
too bad... id hate to be wasting time on the internet with something relevent
you see at
some say water un unlimited,
it gets charged particles of the sun and is so great
golly, ion discharges cause tornado! what ever will i learn next?
if you see the earth form the space you see lighting of
is that ionic lightning? or DC lightning? or the dreaded AC lightning?
damn... thats why my turntables used to be so slow.
if its sintonized it is probably aginst the law in Dayton and Cincinatti, Ohio but ok most other places
its in the history books
demonstrate away... ill even put you on the radio live... as long as you dont hurt anybody
keep dreaming
i prefer not to use bad words unless i really have to
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Tim Perry
a complete red herring: power was constantly being added by the wind. entropy causes things that are moving to slow down.
stones can not be destroyed. matter can not be destroyed.
Tesla made the same
lets see. what could that be? a tower, a box, batterys, and moves.... sounds like a 40M yagi on a rotor.
energy can not be created, destroyed, or amplified. only changed
power can be amplified, as in a transmitter stage, but only by suplying more power from an external source.
of the matter, the energy
holistic modulation mechanic
i personally stick to the ground by putting silly putty on my shoes
but in our clasic world remains
and you are a graduate EE ?
look what they are missing!
have build my systems and soon
thems fightin words pardner
only for
i need my meds now
free energy does not exist... it all has to be stolen from somwhere. if you suck it all out of the ionisphere what is going to hapen to the van allen belts?
no crises here. i just put a pop tart in the microwave
, is not important a car o aircraft get
yes, but they go to jail when they try it
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Tim Perry
Entonces, Hola miketinte, cómo estás?
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El profe
Oh! Mr. Tim you accept are confused! that says all, you must find a manager for this or best came to my country to see this systems work Liquid Nitrogen I am using?, where, when?, please be more homo erectus and writte propagation and atenuation ecuation, let's see an equation:
E(x+dx,t+dt) = E(x,t) + deltaE(dx,dt)
for one dimension Electric field component, can you writte Poyntyng vector and Maxwell equation for atenuation or amplification in the reflected pulse for each cycle of the transmitter?, is the function deltaE positive (amplification) or negative (attenuation)?, you see in this step the pico volts returned?, you download the material for my web site is this developped? Stupid is a politic and religious remark here you o I can be if don´t fundamentation solid is gived more far that singles letters. Source initial power I mentioned before is the battery for the initial Spark Start Treek? you are influenced by science fiction? I refers to "Radar circuit" not his frecuences, for see differences between amplitude for input signal and output signal ratings, is common see in this applications hundres o more volts for output and mili o micro volt input. I insist, for input power parameters for receiving from Ionosphere and more are detailed in my web site, in fact you see there calculus and schemes for 10 Megawatt application. Here you and I don´t have access to writte formulas, show graphs and photos say more that any letters, you must be practical, use your practical logic, or let´s suposse that if you don´t download of my web site and don´t want came to my country you never get some of this. Theory is a sum of Hipothesis, thesis and demonstration but never Theory = Hipothesis You see watch jacobs ladders in stroboscopic lamps? If you attach a coat hanger to a 12 foot parabolic dish aimed at satcom 5R (AMC8) asumming metalic plate isolated radiator form plate you must find the voltage o field intensity until the disruptive discharge appears you send the first EMP pulse. Frecuency stability is a delicated theme for big power, is the same of the Tesla Coil resonance frecuency varies in some +- 0,03 Hz I've registred it´s irrelevant for low power ( 1 Megawatt or little) but that variation may affect but I resolve it changing autocatically transmitter frecuency it´s some I must perfection but for the moment my oscillator is fixed for potentiometer,this little inestability is caused for Ionosphere inestability, Solar storms,Jupiter influence, etc,.... I don´t understand you can FM modulation of power? may be for the oscillator of hight voltage if you want use other hight voltage based in high frecuency pulses so you modulate Kiloherts to 7 Hz. Meteorology concepts don´t have sense here, electric discharges don´t generate wind??, you know ionic turbine?, what causes the wind? there is a relationship with hight atmosphere proceses? direct or indirect? if you want learn please make it. for is that ionic lightning? or DC lightning? or the dreaded AC lightning? you must make that questions to meteorologist or bio-physics they study this phenomena and expose this facts but logical says there is an indirect relationship, do you know the lighting a very ancien phenomena is now remains without total explanation?, you know globular lightings?, the aparitions? is a modern "watch" for modern instrumentation a single phenomena as that remains in ignorance, and you show that. Story books for Tesla history are relevants for this? do you "believe" the real history was distortioned?, why?, who? I don´t see more relevants comments or in boundary to science analisys, your comments are more politics or religious, many affirmation, many discalification without basis. Mad inventor or mad inventor destructor?
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El profe
i said UNLESS you are using a front end cooled by liqued nitrigen you will not be able to resolve signals in the picovolt range. maybe not even then. the self noise generated by the reciever will obscure them.
please be more homo erectus
macho? .. ill stick with homo sapians
just an observation
here you o I can be if don´t
so you have a battery powered spark transmitter using a parabolic dish with a "centimeters long" element at its focal point emitting an arc pulse with a repitition rate of 7 per second. as you have stated it has operated from inside a hotel window i assume azmith and elivation are fairly irrelivent. now tell us, does the power come back on the same antenna (dish) ? or a different dish? what will stop others from incercepting your power? what will happen if NASA puts a dish in geosynchronous orbit ? what will happen if radio shack has them mass produced in Japan? will we then have an ionisphere shortage? how will this affect the ozone layer? what happens when China has access to "free unlimited power"?
sure, yes, Si. compare the Star Trek comunicator to the latest cell phones. looks just like them and works better.
that means a gain of negitive 100,000... good lord, you have reinvented the resistor
what happens when an airplane flys through the path of the download?
my practical logic telle me that E * I * cos theta = P as you will not supply sufficient data to fill in the equation i have to guess
that is your theory?
and that will disrupt satillite service ending 90% of radio network programming in north america?
.03 Hz variance from 7 Hz will be .43% this fails to meet FCC rules for frequency stability
I've registred
and high power is 1 MW or greater?
but that variation may
what about the close approach of mars?
i do it every day. up to 100,000 watts ERP
may be for the
maybe you could pulse width modulate it (PWM)
well there is a legend about a Norse god.... but that better discussed in another forum.
there is a
you dont say! maybe the gods are Thor!
, you know globular lightings?, the
some people have a ball with it.
is a modern "watch" for modern instrumentation a single
the real history of anything is always distorted to suit the intent of the historian or those political entities that are in power at the time the history was written.
let the reader decide.
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Tim Perry
Let's call this post as the GOLD POST for future references, ok?, please read and answer the following:
We go to "to rise the level" a little more than what has been expressed until the moment, they have been made affirmations, some affronts for any scientific or technological branch in order to improving that will be I now who make questions, if they are not answered in a scientific term I go to conclude and all those which we see these groups you do not has valid analysis elements to hold either in this group or other similar, they are you asked very simple so that if you know what writes or analyzes would have to answer:
1) In a previous post I wrote that the departure and return time of the pulse to the Ionosphere was of about T = 0,66 mili seconds, that gives a frequency F=1/T of 1515 Hertz and if the pulses I indicate should be to 7 Hz is so this a contradiction?, you was fixed in this detail?
2) The Ionosphere and the Earth form a " resonance cavity", that is to say a " spherical condenser" in which one of their plates is the Earth and the other the bottommost of the Ionosphere or of Heaveside layer, assume a distance of some 100 Km, calculate the capacity of the formed spherical condenser and the inductance associate and then calculate the resonance frequency of the system by the classic formulation f = 1/2*Pi * 1/Sqr(L*C), where Sqr it is a square root, L and C inductance and capacity of the cavity, the geometry data are all over known as the radio of the Earth for example and already that you says be expert in antennae and knows to calculate resonance frequencies of the same I invite it to accomplish this simple calculation, gives to you 7 Hertz???
3) We consider our electromagnetic pulse is moved in rectilinear form, all we know that wave travels with an electrical field E(x,t) and a magnetic inducement B(x,t) such that they are perpendicular mutually and perpendicular at the same time to the spread speed vector, now then, it would suffice consider one of these components as E(x,t) since the relationship always it will be E(x,t) = B(x,t)*
c, a relationship of magnitude of course and c the speed of the approximate light. We go to consider 2 instants:
E(x,t)= E(x,T+t) + deltaE
The equation shows two situations, one to a time t anyone and other to the time t+T after occurred a reflection most in the Ionosphere, T is the period of reflection of the pulses, there can you to calculate deltaE?, it would suffice to superpose the field calculated in 2) to the field E(x,t) of this equation, obviously if in all instant t deltaE results positive we are "amplifying", but of the contrary are "losing energy". To be helped in their calculations consider the power of the transmitting and the relationship of the Poytyng vector of spread to know how decays the intensity of the electrical field E(x,t) in the space and time, if it does not know it is in my material to download of my site and it is, E 2 = k * P/x2 ,(k=30 in the M.K.S system)all what has a 2 is eleved to the squared, of course this relationship is for a spherical radiator, but equal serves for the analysis and of course ,x = c*t The pseudo engineer analysis is quite simple and it does not specify of complex equations as gradients or curls or tensor relationships that someone as a radioamateur has the knowledge to express , or better yet, it see the answers in the material to download of my web site ( will serve To you to prove their results)
Well, I remain waiting their results and all those which we want to know on what base their affirmations up until now without base, since if it does not base neither explains their all affirmations what write alone will be "stupid" or "noise" and in that case would request to you please goes to posting to groups of religion or political, we wait to confirm will be a good or mad destructive inventors .
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can you demostrate power was added for the wind and not for the internal oscillation and matter of the bridge? can you demostrate it using videos filmed? you can writte an equation? or is another "dogma" yours? Stones can´t be destroyed? that´s amazing! it's more strong that diamamonds!. Please make you same experiments with letters never get a reasonable fact or for less, writte an equation... Yes energy can´t be created resonance amplification adds internal energy to the external initial low energy ,external source is a internal souce, please make it, don´t writte, make it, do you know E = Mc2 equation, how many energy has 1 gr. of mass?. Personal viewpoints are Respectable but in science it´s irrelevant you must use equations or models for less. Ohh! now as you don´t have fundamentation for your arguments wants see if Iám graduated for Electric Engineer, it´s say some, well I can writte YES o can writte NO, do you believe it?, is rellevant that for your actual state of zero fundamentation?, you must find serial number for my degree for certification as all, it´s irrelevant but if you want I am graduate for 1998. Free enegy don´t exist? , the sun energy is paid?,Which is your debt? Ohh! there is nor energy crisis for there?, you must infor that for gobernants of your country and anothers such as Africa and say to oil tankers don´t stock more because is not needed, and people use gas kitchen best use electric kitchen because you say energy is abundant... The energy providers are in jails? because they don´t pay for that consumtion? This don´t scientific writting is a "finger gymnastics" you are olympic selected for this?, please answer the GOLD Post and this will have sense, ok?
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stone can be broken, stone can melt with heat. stone can not be destroyed.
your statement that stone is harder (more strong) then diamonds is absurd
i used to experiment with letters when i was very young. they were carved on wooden blocks.
zero if it is not moving
id settle for some straight answers to basic questions from you
no problem that population reduction would not cure
, you must infor that for
ill be shure to let my gobernent know that some kid in south america has the magic dish able to convert the entire ionisphere into raw 7HZ DC power in unlimited amounts.
my imagination is far too limited to respond to your other post. i would refer it to Isaac Asimov or Robert A Heinlein but they are dead. maybe Spider Robinson or david Drake can help you with your story.
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Tim Perry
Tim has answered you well and remarkably politely.
All that you have shown is that you have no understanding of mechanics (re- bridge- study a forced pendulum or push someone on a swing or hear wires humming due to the wind -the basic differential equations for simple structures are even on the net!) , no exposure to history re Tesla (induction machine and 3 phase-which just made him famous and rich in the first place ) and no understanding of why the unit for flux density was changed from Weber/m^2 to Tesla at the same time that other units were renamed (e.g. the Siemen). All your statements with regard to these points are dead wrong-and, if you cared to try and find out- there are references available on the net and in texts. As for courses in electric machines- I've been a wee bit beyond the basic level before you even heard of the subject.
I assume that you haven't been able to get work as an electrical engineer? I find it hard to believe that you graduated. However, you have a simple problem- since you already have this device, you can have it tested by competent and accredited labs and present the factual data. It's up to you- basing everything on Poynting and resonance doesn't cut it.
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Don Kelly
There is grammar confutions, broken is not destroy?, this is a grammar use according to our view point?, then win can be lose?, please use a more scientific viewpoint, stones or diamonds is not the theme in question for you. E= Mc2 stores zero energy?, you are moving?, is relative the moving?, zero speed is really zero?, please that's a secondary theme. You made answers?, where?, you answer the GOLD POST is in this group? Magic dish?, where?, there is Harry Potter?, you are a Kid?, that's only of a kid If your gobernent want know about my system working only spy satellites can photograph my test fields and you see working Oh!! your imagination is far too limited and can´t respond to Gold Post, not Mr., you don´t have math tools for a scientific argumentation, I only remains in the start point, build systems, check work o don´t work o came to my country, or find a friend can respond The Gold Post and that will be a Contribution for this groups o try with a religion o politic group People as Asimov and others you refer don´t find in scientific literature, there is not a Asimov equation in electrical engineering o Maxwell equation component that people don´t conform a hight level science or technical contribution. I don´t need help for any people you refer I'am testing and making my system for a soon marketing launch there is very investors and a high level market, this post are for news contribution for this soon technology systems In spite in this group only there are observant and some participate at least with personal commentaries that at least it is something, I am receiving email for thousands in only one day and make reference to the Post published here what means many read these messages and topics but don´t try to answer, the email spectrum understands students, engineers, entrepreneurs and scientific, some are high prestige institutions, and as I alone can not answer thousands of emails to the day I answer the most relevant or than in the moment arrive I, this topic was and it is causing a great interest, even if watch well the post in this group will see some spams commercial or some marketing company takes advantage of the situation of be made to note in a topic very attended. However your comments and contribution are respectables and thanks to you for that, you have the essence of the genuine scientific,To doubt everything, such as the energy conservation principle is relevant, because in science the facts are according the place , time, space,Here in the Earth very laws are true, but nobody has Verified that laws are true in other galaxy or in Venus, a clasic mistake in science is To generalize all is not verified some, Descartes principle is the starting point, you have very potential in that. Thanks
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Hello Mr. Kelly, yes Mr. Tim has respectable terms and that's relevant, according with you. I've Passed Physics 1 or Mechanical general in my students times with A, what calification get you?, what basic differencial equation? is in the net the Explanation for the bridge phenomena in basis to that equation?, now if you see explanation in the net or goes some resnance course in University that fact of the bridge is taked as a model for resonance amplification , please see Encarta Encyclopedia, you are against that media? if induction machine and 3 phase-which just made Tesla famous and rich why in engineering text don´t appear? you have a book used in class room made that references?, why calls "asyncronic machinne" and not "Tesla's Machinne"? You don´t understand "Magnetic Induction " (B) use Tesla Name?,that´s theme for "Unit callers" You don´t have demostrated all argments are wrong dead, think my systems are working now and soon for marketing, please be more scientific. Please don´t use the "Computer net" use your "brain net" all is not cybernetic in this world for references and facts You are writting irrelevant themes, all this, is irrelevant for my Ionospheric systems, you are evading the central theme, what's happen with get work as an EE? I give work to engineers I'am Businessman and if you want work for my zone can call to my phone. Another "Believe in your letters", this is not religion, please try in that groups, if you don´t writte any equation that's only confirmation you are not graduated. Yes the labs will test my sytems soon only patents are solving, you have a very more single problem, if you have inventions working you must qualify for testing labs but as you don´t created devices don´t have experience in that This is very single, you see systems work or you covers your eyes and don´t want see, please,there is in spain refereces for my demosntrations sucessfully. A single Suggestion, help more to Mr. Tim and answer the Gold Post.
Thanks for your viewpoints.
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.66 mS = .00066 seconds
at speed of light = 300,000,000 meters/second according to a handy converter that is 197 kM 0r 122 miles (assuming zero latency in your test equipment)
that for the round trip. now divide by 2 for the distance up. 98.5 km or 61mi.
that is assuming the dish was pointed straight up. according to
formatting link
that puts you in the E layer
as you are pointing "out a window" of a hotel room the angle would make the vertical distance lower. OR IS THE PARABOLIC ANTENNA IRRELEVANT?
not relevent to the distance travled.
and if the pulses I indicate should be to 7
a real engineer would refer to it as PRR (pulse repitition rate)
that puts you in the sporadic E layer again
the earth is not spherical, the photos from space show it is pear shaped. how will this affect your assumptions?
what if the entire earth and the ionosphere is one plate of a capacitor and the sun is the other? that would give you a vacuum capacitor? now just where does that inductance come from? is it series or parallel?
and then calculate the resonance
just what are the assumptions you use to derive C and L?
and what is the resonant frequency of your antenna (that you can fit in a hotel room) ?
where wavelength = c/f you are operating in the 42.8 million meter band. do you send a legal call sign at the beginning and end of every transmission?
where is the OFF switch? once started how do you stop the "download" of power?
why do you reply using a different name almost every post?
dont you believe that emitting 7 Hz pulses will disrupt the whale population and/or US navy communications?
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Tim Perry
that is the approximate speed of light in a vaccum
and the signal bends because the atmosphere decreases in density as you go up, and atmosphere is not evenly distributed even going straight up - the atmosphere has pockets and ridges of varying density and of varying reflectivity - and that does not even include another big variable, ionization. (The atmosphere bends rf).
It doesn't. You throw out a huge pile of energy in a big wide cone, and a little from off center is reflected back - (inverse 4th power)
+ or - 1000 Hz, maybe (Ok, maybe 500 HZ) for what? are you in a high pressure front (dome) or in a low pressure (hole) or along a front (trough) of the atmosphere when you measure - is it humid or dry? - are you seeing ionization from sun, - are there clouds or jetstream to change density and locally bend the rf in the air?
You are asking for the exact transparency of vegetable soup in a fog bank in the wind as seen from ten feet above the bowl - so you can set up a microscope to read letters under the bowl in a document whose type size varies with solar activity.
In other words, you are calcualting how much paint is left in a covered can by guessing the height of the paint and then trying to calculate it to eight places of accuracy in your calculator -
- the atmosphere has too much stuff in the way, don't know how deep it is at any given moment, the layer is ill-defined, and it's cloudy and humid and varyjng density to varying degrees and changing minute to minute.
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Hi Mr Tim, glads me return to this group with more scientific tools such as equations of rectilinear uniform movement and confirm my measurements point to Heaveside layer for Ionosphere that´s a small initial step and very Felicitable For low power applications you will see the angle for reflection with Ionosphere is irrelevant for power less than 10 Kilo Watt so, when you send a pulse that pulse reflects and return, but if the angle is incorrect reflects to another point and that pulse don´t amplify, however the pulse flux makes some pulses return and some power made amplify, for the Hotel in Asturias Spain we are in the top level and was very easy adjust the angle PRR is only for real engineers? and then how they don´t build this systems? is a Real engineer less that some people build this systems, please don´t low the level for that engineers!, I see now you understand the apparent contradiction for 0,66 ms and de 7 Hz, that's right Capacity is a physical phenomena you have between two surfaces then Earth and Ionosphere are surfaces, if you want destroy planet then you must join by using a wire between Ionosphere and Surface ground, do you know capacities and conditions for a lighting goes down for a cloud?, lamentably you don´t calculate that capacity and the resonance frecuency of the geometric configuration. Spheric, spheroid is the same there is capacity, if you was engineer you must know models are Approximations of the reality, the engineer world is Inaccurate that´s a starting point for approach to reality, please use your spheroid and calculate capacity and resonance frecuency don´t evade the reality. Inductance becomes for a current presence, inductance you have for electrics currents in Ionosphere, do you know "Electro Jet currents"?, please see HAARP Ionosphere analysis, for your calculation consider a current "I" circulating on the spheroid surface, then you makes cuocient between the magnetic flux and the current and there is Inductance, all conductor have inductance because all magnetic field oposse to charges motion (Autoinductance),that you can calculate serie or parallell, the Sun here is irrelevant because is a remote power source suc as a LC sintonized circuit is independient of the power source of the receiver, please calculate or see his calculation for my documentation. I invite you for calculation of Capacity and inductance for a two paralell wires such as telephone transmission line or see a transmission line book for that calculations that's the same only the difference is a spherical geometry. The resonance antena for the hotel room in Normal conditions I writte before is very out of the 7 Hz, but the Hight voltaje pulses mades the antenna resistive, then for the hight voltaje pulse you have the radiation resistence in series with the parasit capacity of the antenna that gives a oscilating frecuency(w) 1/RC because C is in constant charge and discharge for the 30 KV/cm of the disruptive break that´s just for the 7 Hz app, all your classic formules Long= c/f etc are only for "Stationery state antennas" you have work but not in this "Transient" hight voltaje antennas 42.8 million meter band then is for a 7 Hz stationey normal antenna I only work with centimeters band for 7 Hz for this "transient antenna" The Off swith is not need you must have a control for power in load if I don´t need more power I suspend the send pulse for the time the load need more power for a control system. Please sorry for my post names I use my real name and others spanish identifiers some. Until the moment 7 Hz pulses don´t show problems with Navy or civil systems just for the 200 HP levels, would be for Megawatts, Terawatts that´s some interference but as all in science you must build an see that´s for the moment irrelevant but if happens always there is a Engineer solution Well Mr. Tim we are raised a few the scientific level, however continue without be answering the fundamental questions for the Gold Post I wait you calculate the 1) point for calculare resonance frecuency about 7 Hz in 2) by using equations of more hight level such as movement or normal antenna calculation
Thanks Mr. Tim
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