Resistivity of conductor

What is the resistivity of Copper and Aluminium Conductor at ambient temprature and 100 deg 'C' temprature in calculation of Electromagnet

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27.234 & 34.11123 my son.

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Copper has a resistivity of 10.371 ohms at 20 degrees C. The inferred resistance is zero ohms at -234.5 degrees C. Now apply the point slope formula to find the equation between the two points and you can find the resistance at any temperature. For Aluminum the resistivity is 17.002 ohms at 20 degrees C and the inferred resistance is zero at -228.1 degrees C. Resistivity is the resistance of material one foot long and 0.001 inch in diameter or one circular mil in cross sectional area (diameter in thousands of an inch squared) Resistance is inversely proportional to circular mil area. Divide resistivity by CMA to find resistance of larger conductors. Reference: Neher McGrath paper where RDC is discussed. N-G also uses a lay factor 1.02.


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