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I am negotiating terms with a realtor. The retail space I will be occupying
does not have all the power outlets I need. The following is a list of
things I need to "plug in"
72 Computers with 17" monitors
1 Full size Coke Vending Machine
1 Full size Snack vending machine (no cooler)
6 - 16 Port switches
6 - Servers w/ no monitors
6 - 12" Neon tubes
1 Full size fridge/freezer
1 Full size Deep Freeze
4 32" Televisions
I don't want to have breakers tripping all the time... What do I need to
request the property manager to do to upgrade the electricity to handle all
of the above?
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You will need a minimum of a 200a service. Your computers might pull close to 100a by themselves. You didn't say anything about a copier and maybe some laser printers.
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a couple ink jets.
So how many systems could I put on a breaker? Is it better to go with 30A instead of 20? eg. cheaper on wire
Would the power have to be upgraded? or would they just have to install a new box?
How many computers can go on 20A or 30A ?
what should I tell so that they upgrade to exactly what I need?
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The NEMA 5-15 line cords will limit you to 20a circuits. Without kicking the "how many amps does a PC draw" tar baby I would say you should plan on 300w each and only load the circuit to 80% so say 6 or 7 systems per 20a circuit. If you actually have an amp probe reading you can get a better number.
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So would this work (20A)
1. Vending Machines 2. Servers 3. Switches 4. Neon Lights 5. Fridge / Freezer 6. Microwave / Coffee maker 7. Printers / Stereo 8. 4 - 32" Tvs 9-22. 74-80 PCs w/ 17" Monitors 23-24. Lights
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That looks reasonable but I would buy the bigger panel (more slots) in case you wand to split up the loads a little more or want more stuff. You really need some real world measurements of your PCs since 75 times the error in our guess, adds up.
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Why not give the broker this list?
Donald L. Phillips, Jr., P.E. Worthington Engineering, Inc. 145 Greenglade Avenue Worthington, OH 43085-2264 (remove NS to use the address) 614.937.0463 voice 208.975.1011 fax
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Don Phillips

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